Our honorable fraternity was founded on May 5, 1992, by eighteen remarkable gentlemen in San José, California. They envisioned a Latino-based organization that would focus on helping its members get through college while engaging them in community service and cultural enrichment projects.

“There was a focus on academics. Brothers would show up for the pledges’ study hours and see if they needed help. We wanted to show them they had a support group to make sure they succeeded and made it through college.”

Miguel Orejel

“The constitution was mostly based on our Latino heritage but we didn’t want to create any boundaries. We wanted to welcome all and bring them under one organization.”

Ramiro Rocha

Epsilon Chapter History – University of California, Irvine

In the Winter quarter of 2002, students from the University of California, Irvine decided that, although their campus was diverse, they saw the need for an organization that portrayed their self-image and displayed their values and ethics. People came from far and wide to help start “La Union” the official interest group of Sigma Delta Alpha, which was then comprised of over 40 interested young men. From that group, 27 brave young men continued together on the journey that would change their lives forever.

They began to see themselves fusing together, different cultures, different ideologies, and different backgrounds, and all focused on a singular goal. In the end, 17 strong men accomplished the monumental feat. Through the trials and tribulation these young men worked together to form a common bond amongst each other, “Excellence and Loyalty Amongst Brothers.” On September 21, 2002 the Epsilon chapter was founded at the University of California, Irvine.

17 founding fathers left a legacy at one of the finest institutions of higher learning and set the foundation for brothers to come.

“ΣΔΑ was a reaction against hazing and the put-downs of other fraternities. We wanted to distance ourselves from the mainstream process where you had to prove nonsense.”

Rogelio Bolaños