About Us

Sigma Delta Alpha

We are an expanding multicultural fraternity with nine chapters at San Jose State University, University of Southern California, CSU Fresno, University of Nevada Las Vegas, CSU Sacramento, UC Irvine, CSU Fullerton, UC Riverside, UC Merced, UC Davis, and UC Santa Barbara. Brought together by our common blood, we pride ourselves in our brotherhood and dedication to our values. We strive to create a deep relationship with our fellow brothers, and the bond we all share goes beyond our university days. To join Sigma Delta Alpha is to become part of a family for the rest of your life.

Our Mission

Brothers of Sigma Delta Alpha (ΣΔΑ) are university men who embody the spirit of brotherhood to assist each other in achieving their academic goals. We are a proud fraternity that acknowledges a shared cultural heritage. We represent our people in the world of academia and we are determined to be positive role models to the youth in our communities.

Fundamental Principles

Sigma Delta Alpha is very clear about one thing: there is to be zero tolerance for hazing. Hazing is the degradation or endangerment of a person as a condition of association with a particular group or organization. We believe a fraternity should create trust, not resentment, between our initiated brothers and potential new brothers.

More than just friendship, we provide academic support.  One of the most significant milestones as a brother of Sigma Delta Alpha is graduation. In order to fulfill this goal, brothers organize study groups and tutoring sessions.

Looking outward for ways to do good, our fraternity believes in community service and taking pride in one’s culture.  We work with other Latino-based organizations in our community and participate in many culture-related projects on campus.